• MOT QMS members are checked, by us to maintain AE standards
  • MOT QMS members are certificated, by us on a regular basis
  • MOT QMS provides the consumer with added assurances of testing station compliance
  • MOT QMS is trusted by over 500 sites across our membership with over 900 checks completed per annum
  • MOT QMS compliance and certification exceeds current DVSA standards

A comprehensive support package for owners and managers of MOT stations.

The MOT Quality Management System (QMS) offers a comprehensive assessment program that scrutinises all aspects of MOT related activities. Developed with a focus on promoting best practices and aiding compliance with MOT Scheme requirements, our system is designed to uphold high standards and ensure operational excellence at Vehicle Testing Stations (VTS).

Key Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Assessments: Our program includes an exhaustive evaluation of all MOT-related activities, ensuring every facet of your operation meets high standards.
  • Best Practice Promotion: Designed to foster and encourage best practices, MOT QMS helps you maintain compliance with all MOT Scheme requirements effortlessly.
  • Preemptive Problem Identification: The system identifies any shortcomings in testing standards or VTS operations early, allowing for timely rectification before these issues are caught during DVSA reviews.
  • Enhanced DVSA Review Outcomes: With regular use of our MOT QMS, the likelihood of achieving satisfactory outcomes during DVSA’s periodic site reviews increases significantly.
  • Independent Assessments: Offer reassurance to VTS owners, especially those who may not regularly be on-site, by providing objective, unbiased reviews of their operations.
  • DVSA Compliance: Our system provides an effective way to meet DVSA’s Tester QC requirements, particularly for stations with a single tester or those preferring independent quality checks.
  • Expert Assessors: All assessments are conducted by qualified MOT testers with extensive experience in the motor trade, ensuring knowledgeable and reliable evaluations.
  • Confidential Reporting: Detailed written reports summarise assessment findings and recommendations. These reports are strictly confidential and shared only with the intended recipient.

Ensuring your facilities meet the required standards for conducting MOTs is crucial. Regular checks on the condition, maintenance, and calibration of all equipment used in the MOT process are essential to maintain high standards. Additionally, evaluating MOT scheme documentation and management practices ensures that everything is up-to-date and compliant. An in-depth analysis of Test Logs, Test Quality Information Reports, and VTS Events History helps track and enhance testing quality. Annual training for testers and quality checks, which may include the observation of testing practices or re-examination of recently tested vehicles, further ensures the reliability of the testing process.

We provide access to a comprehensive suite of SMTA forms specifically designed for recording all MOT-related activities. Our MOT Max Platform allows for efficient electronic record-keeping of MOT documentation and related activities, making it perfect for those preferring digital management solutions.

For more information on how our MOT Quality Management System can benefit your testing station, or to schedule an assessment, please visit our service pages or contact our dedicated support team.

Why Choose Our MOT QMS?

Choosing our MOT QMS not only ensures your compliance with regulatory requirements but also enhances the operational standards of your Vehicle Testing Station. It provides the tools and support necessary to achieve excellence in the delivery of MOT services, backed by a system designed with decades of industry experience.

For more information on how our MOT Quality Management System can benefit your testing station, or to schedule an assessment, please visit our service pages or contact our dedicated support team.


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