AA411(Action Against 4-1-1) is the Scottish campaign against the proposals by the UK Government.

In his summer Budget of 2015, Chancellor George Osborne announced plans to extend the period when new cars and motorcycles in the UK first require an MOT from three years to four.

For this reason, the SMTA has set up AA411 which stands for Action Against 411 ("4" being the year when MOTs would first be required on new vehicles under the proposals and "1-1" being annually thereafter).

The Government has consulted twice in recent years over the frequency of MOT testing, with serious consideration being given to making the first MOT test at 4 years and then every second year thereafter (i.e. 4-2-2). Whilst we believe that’s not on the agenda this time, a change to 4-1-1 could pave the way for implementation of 4-2-2 testing at some time in the future.

Currently, it is 3-1-1, where MOTs are required on new vehicles in year 3 and annually thereafter

The Scottish Motor Trade Association and other organisations against the proposed changes believe that there is plenty of evidence that the driving public does not believe that MOT frequency should be reduced.

We need your help!

Visit WWW.AA411.ORG or click on the image below and take our short survey, all surveys are anonymous.



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